Health Insurance

Medical Insurance

If during the term of the policy and as a consequence of an accident or covered illness, you, the insured were required to undergo medical or surgical treatment to restore your health, the insurer will be responsible for the expenses incurred, subtracting from them the deductible and coinsurance, always subject to the conditions of the policy.


The purpose of accident insurance is to pay compensation in the event of accidents that cause the death or disability of the insured, as a result of activities provided for in the policy.

Life Insurance

Covers the death of the protected person for whom an insured sum was stipulated, to be paid to the persons designated as beneficiaries of the contract. It can also be a savings method to meet future income needs.

Please contact us for details so we can make sure the insurance coervage is tailored to your needs. Of course dental coverage an other add-ons are also available.