Business Insurance

Offices, Restaurants, Hotels - if you own a business you will need to make sure your inventory is sufficiently insured agains theft, fire and other treads. Please contact us for an appointment so we can help you find the coverage you need!

Construction Insurance

This insurance applies to the civil works of builders and owners, who are exposed to multiple dangers at each stage of construction. There are at least four types of assets whose insurance is essential:

  • Building materials at the construction site.

  • Building or civil works, the final objective of the construction project.

  • Machinery and equipment that will be part of the civil works project.

  • Temporary or temporary constructions or buildings.

Commercial vehicles and machinery

Whether it is construction equipment, transporation of goods or passengers at least Thirt Party Liability Insurance is a MUST! In addition you may want to look into insuring tha value of your equipment or vehicles as well as goods you transport. Coverage is available but not limited to the following:

  • Boats

  • Planes

  • boilers

  • Contractors Equipment and Heavy Machinery

  • Electronic equipment

  • Fire

  • Multiple Business

  • Machinery Assembly

  • Civil Liability

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • transportation