Vehicles, Boats etc.

The risks that can be covered under this type of contract are defined in their general conditions and the specific contracting of coverage is indicated on the face of each policy.

To get a free quote please provide us qith vehicle details on this form:

(in case you would like to insure ATVs, boats or other vehicles please contact us for information at

Information we will need, so we can get you an insurance quote:


1- Scan copy or for photo of title

2- Scan copy or photo for the drivers license of the main person driving the vehicle

3- Desired length of the insurance (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) (to be checked minimum stay)

4- Let us know if any of the vehicles will be towing or hauling a trailer or similar

4.1- If a trailer is to be towed, we need the trailer title as well and a couple of pictures of it


1- boat title

2- boat invoice if available

3- outboard engines invoice (important so the motors/engine can be covered)

4- boat pictures (front, back, side)


1- atv title

2- atv pictures (2-3 are enough)